Lewis Hamilton has hit out at Toro Rosso pair Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari after accusing the pair of aiding Sebastian Vettel in his run to victory in Spain last weekend.

McLaren ace Hamilton claimed he had been baulked by the pair at he and Vettel made their way through traffic in the race, meaning he was unable to get close enough to the German driver to make a move for position.

Vettel ultimately won the race by less than a second but Hamilton said he was far from impressed by the way he had been 'blocked' during the Catalunya race.

"That kind of thing shouldn't happen because they are not supposed to be a sister team, are they?" he was quoted by ESPN. "Definitely in the last race there was some of that ... all of a sudden moving in my way, which caused a bigger gap, the gap that I closed to Sebastian and I then lost. They let him past and held me up for the next couple of corners.

"If that continues to happen, some penalties should probably be handed out. I won't complain but I have mentioned it to my team so it is for them to approach the FIA to make sure the stewards are aware of it."

A spokesman for Toro Rosso was quick to deny the claims, insisting there was no co-operation between the two Red Bull-owned teams.

"When it became the rule, prior to last season, that you weren't allowed to share any technical knowledge, all co-operation ceased," the spokesman said. "So the suggestion we would have held up any other car to favour a Red Bull is preposterous, and would never have happened."



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