Sergio Perez will remain in hospital tonight and as expected he will not start Sunday's F1 2011 Monaco Grand Prix, it has been confirmed.

Perez had put in his strongest qualifying performance of the season up until his accident in Q3, when he exited the tunnel off-line and was pitched into the right-hand barrier in much the same way as Nico Rosberg had been during morning practice.

Unlike the German, however, Perez was unlucky in that his stricken car slammed broadside into the TecPro barrier protecting the area between the circuit and the run-off area. A lengthy delay then ensued while he was assessed by the medical teams and extracted from the shattered remains of his C30 and while it has since been confirmed he has escaped 'serious injuries' [see separate story - click here], unsurprisingly, given he suffered heavy concussion, he will not take in the race.

"Of course we are very relieved that Sergio wasn't seriously injured," said team boss, Peter Sauber. "Up to the accident he was doing very well in qualifying, and also better than expected as he had outperformed all his direct competitors."

Meanwhile the Swiss-based outfit added that 'according to the current information' there is 'no indication there was a technical failure' - although investigations are still continuing.

"First and foremost we are obviously relieved with the reports that Sergio is okay," continued technical director, James Key.

"It's always very worrying for a team when you see an accident of that magnitude, so it's good to hear that he is fundamentally okay. We are looking into what happened.

"There is no indication at the moment from the data we have seen that there was a problem with the car. But we have to talk to Sergio to investigate further what happened," he summed-up.



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