Felipe Massa believes that Lewis Hamilton should face further punishment for an erratic Monaco Grand Prix performance that resulted in both the Brazilian and Williams rival Pastor Maldonado being hit by the Briton.

While Hamilton insists that he was not at fault for either incident, both of which resulted in retirement for his opposite number, the race stewards imposed a drive-thru' penalty on each occasion, confirming him in sixth position. The 2008 world champion responded by calling the officials, and his rival drivers, 'a frickin' joke', potentially leaving himself open to the wrath of the FIA.

Massa was running ahead of Hamilton at the time of their collision at the Loews Hairpin, but suffered damage as a result of the Briton's ill-judged lunge and retired soon after as his poorly-handling Ferrari crashed in the tunnel. Hamilton, already frustrated at having a potential shot at pole position taken away from him on Saturday, had already survived a brush with Michael Schumacher and was fired-up by a poor pit-stop from the McLaren team. He launched a surprise attack on Massa at the hairpin, but succeeded only in forcing the Brazilian into Mark Webber's car and then locking wheels with the Ferrari on the exit of the corner.

Massa's car sustained damage in the contact with Webber and, as Hamilton launched another attack in the tunnel, ran wide into the barriers, eventually coming to rest on the run to the chicane and bringing out the safety car.

"I am very disappointed with the way my race ended," the under-fire Brazilian sighed. "After Hamilton had tried to pass me at Loews - which is an impossible place to do it - hitting me and pushing me into Webber, the car was no longer right and I could not drive it properly, which is why he got on the inside of me inside the tunnel. That put me on the dirt and then I ended up in the barrier."

"I think he needs to penalised again, and in a good way, otherwise he doesn't learn," Massa added in a later interview with GPweek. "[The FIA] need to think about something for him, or he will not learn. He tried to pass me on the kerbs when I didn't think it was possible to overtake. He was too aggressive, I think. What he did was unbelievable, not just with me, but with other drivers as well."

Massa's race had already been compromised by finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as the field funnelled into Ste Devote for the first time.

"I got away well but, at the first corner, I found Webber and Fernando [Alonso] in front of me," he recalled. "I was on the outside and [Nico] Rosberg managed to get inside me. That meant I missed out on the train that would have kept me up with the leaders, as I spent too much time behind the Mercedes.

"We were competitive and, given how things went, I could have finished fourth. Now, we head for Canada, where we hope to have a car capable of fighting, as was the case here. The fact we will have the same two types of tyre, the soft and supersoft, is definitely positive for us."

Massa was also hampered by a malfunctioning DRS system, which may have explained his inability to pass Rosberg and resume his pursuit of the leaders.

"We have to work out why his DRS was not enabled by the FIA electronic control in the first part of the race, because maybe, if everything had worked properly, he would have managed to get past Rosberg sooner and not lose so much ground to the leaders," chassis director Pat Fry confirmed. "It's a shame, because I think he also had the potential to run a good race all the way to the end."



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