F1's governing body the FIA is to modify the section of circuit at which both Mercedes Grand Prix star Nico Rosberg and Sauber rookie Sergio P?rez suffered hefty accidents over the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, it is understood.

According to SPEED.com, the crane usually sited at the chicane on the exit of the tunnel is to be removed for the 2012 edition of the most glamorous race on the annual F1 calendar, enabling the TecPro barrier hit by both Rosberg and P?rez to be moved back by some 20 metres as far as a row of trees, thereby generating potentially vital extra run-off area.

The barrier has already been moved back since the heavy impacts experienced by Karl Wendlinger in 1994 and Jenson Button just under a decade later. SPEED.com reveals that the FIA debated the displacement of the crane ahead of the 2011 edition of the race following P?rez's hospitalising qualifying shunt on Saturday, but ultimately elected against such a move due to time constraints.

Race organises the Automobile Club de Monaco are eager to retain the crane as it is, but the FIA has countered that any incidents at that section of the track would in all likelihood prompt either a safety car period or - in practice or qualifying sessions - a red flag, thereby nullifying its purpose.



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