Sir Frank Williams looks set to have a road named after him in recognition of what he has achieved.

According to reports in the press, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils have decided to call a road through Didcot's new Great Western Park, which crosses both district boundaries and where more than 3,000 homes are being built, 'Sir Frank Williams Avenue'.

"Sir Frank Williams has made an incredible contribution to the area and has helped to cement southern Oxfordshire as a real centre of excellence for motor sport and engineering in general, so it is only right that we can honour him in this way," Ann Ducker, leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, told The Oxford Times.

Matthew Barber, leader of Vale of White Horse District Council, added: "Great Western Park is set to be one of the most important locations in the two districts, so we are incredibly grateful to Sir Frank for agreeing to lend us his name for the road and helping to put the area on the map."

While Sir Frank has given his blessing though, it appears the decision has yet to be completely signed-off.

"I would have no problem with the road being called Williams Avenue but the suggested street name is too darn long," explained Nick Hards, chairman of Didcot town council's planning committee.

"The town council's original suggestion was Eagle Drive but the district councils are going against tradition by making the decision themselves. We will recommend that the town council objects."

The Williams F1 team use to be based in Didcot and was where Sir Frank and Patrick Head established Williams Grand Prix Engineering back in 1977. The team, which has won seven drivers' championship and nine constructors' titles, moved to its current premises in Grove in 1996.

"To have a road named after you is a great honour and not something I ever anticipated when Patrick and I started Williams Grand Prix Engineering over three decades ago," Sir Frank stated.

"We are a team, though, so this is an honour for everyone who has been involved in Williams since our inception."



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