Last week, asked you to vote on if the FIA had made the right decision in rescheduling the Bahrain Grand Prix.

While the decision was not without controversy, with former FIA president Max Mosley just one of those condemning it - warning that if the race does now go ahead F1 will be 'complicit' in what has happened there and it will 'eventually cost the sport dear' [see separate story - click here], it seems most of you don't agree.

Indeed as of 2 pm UK time today [Monday, June 6], almost 60 percent believe that Bahrain deserved to return to the F1 2011 calendar, seemingly convinced by the FIA's rationale, which included the view that by giving the small Gulf Kingdom its race back it will 'unite people as the country looks to move forward' [see separate story - click here].

In contrast only around 35 percent reckon it was a bad decision - although almost 11 percent feel so strongly about what has happened in Bahrain following the civil unrest that they said F1 should 'never return'.

The full results are as follows...

Poll results: Has the FIA's World Motor Sport Council made the right decision in rescheduling Bahrain?*

Yes, it deserved to return to 2011 calendar: 59.17 percent
Yes, it deserved to return - but not until 2012: 06.07 percent

No, F1 should have taken a moral stance: 23.85 percent
No, F1 should never return there: 10.91 percent

* denotes results correct as of 2pm UK time, June 6



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