Rubens Barrichello admits he was shocked at the FIA's decision to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix, with the veteran Brazilian insisting it would be difficult for teams if the race does go ahead.

The FIA announced last week that the race would take the place of the Indian GP at the end of October, with the Delhi race being moved to December to accommodate the change.

While Bernie Ecclestone has said the race won't happen because teams don't back the decision, Barrichello insisted he was shocked that the decision was taken in the first place given the time that had passed since the race was canned as the 2011 season opener.

"During the season, there was talk we could have it after one or two races but as the problem progressed I really thought there was no way for us to get back to Bahrain," he told Reuters,
"so it was a shock when I saw that we kind of accepted as Formula One to go back there.

"The logistics are quite tough for all the teams. I think we're in good hands. The teams have forwarded what they think to the FIA and to Bernie and whatever the outcome is I'll be happy."

Adam Parr, chairman of Barrichello's Williams team, agreed that it wasn't feasible for the calendar to be changed at such a late stage.

"It's not about whether the (Bahrain) race goes ahead, it's about whether we change the calendar at this stage of the season and that's what we've written about it," he said. "The issue that we're concerned about is that fans, sponsors, teams, have made logistic arrangements to be in India for a particular weekend, the 30th of October, and we've been presented with a calendar where it's on December 11.

"How do you say to people who have booked a two-week holiday in India to take in the Grand Prix, 'sorry you'll be in India but we won't.'

"We've explained our position...and there's nothing more to talk about. It's just too late to change it."



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