Hispania Racing technical chief Geoff Willis says the Spanish backmarkers will continue to develop its current F1 car as far as possible before focus turns to the 2012 campaign.

Team boss Colin Kolles revealed earlier this month that the team planned to switch its focus onto the 2012 car 'very soon' [See separate story HERE], with those comments coming on the back of Tonio Liuzzi's 13th place in Montreal.

Having managed to take the fight to Virgin despite a troubled start to the season - which included missing the season opener in Australia after failing to qualify - Hispania has performed above the expectations of many and Willis insisted the team would continue to push hard through the rest of the season.

"[Canada] was a good result for us, if 13th place is ever a good result," he said. "It was important for us in the championship fight we are having. Again those sorts of races are races where you have to finish and you have to finish as far up as you can. Those are the times when a backmarker team can get lucky but you have to make your luck. We are still developing the car this year. We will carry on as long as we can through the season.

"We were going to have a development here that actually will come to Silverstone and we are trying to get something on the car pretty much every race I would say for the next four or five races. We have got a new wind tunnel programme starting very shortly, which we will do some 2011 car work on, so I am hoping we will get something from that test immediately on the car."

Willis added the team was keen to try and push forwards to try and close the gap to Lotus, although the technical chief insisted that it might be next season before Hispania is able to fight for best newcomer honours.

"I think you always have to aim high and being realistic there is quite a big gap to cross," he said. "It would be nice to be able to cross some of the gap this year and continue to cross it next year."



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