Williams co-founder Patrick Head has insisted that he isn't retiring although he will reduce his involvement within the F1 side of the company later this year.

Williams chairman Adam Parr had suggested earlier in the year that Head would step down 'at some point this year' but the man himself insists he will retain an involvement with Williams activities and will appear at a number of F1 races - even though he won't have a hands-on role with the engineering management of the company as he has done in recent years.

"All I know is that I'm not retiring," he told the BBC. "I probably won't be involved with Williams Formula 1 in the same way from the end of the year, but I'll still be involved in some Williams activities."

Prior to reducing his role with the team, Head has played a key role in the restructuring of Williams' technical staff, with the 65-year-old admitting there was no option but to implement changes for the good of the team.

"If you look at the last four or five years, there's a regular pattern where we tend to look a bit stronger towards the end of the year, over the winter we fall back again even though everybody's working very hard and then start again with the same type of cycle, and sometimes the start of the year is lower," he said. "If it goes on over four or five years, you've got to change it, that's all there is to it.

"We've got some pretty good technology at Williams but we haven't had the balance of the car we wanted. I think it will get a lot stronger from now on. I'd say the disciplines and procedures and determination to succeed, that's all solid and strong.

"When we get on top of why the car has been so unstable in slow-speed corners relative to high-speed, which we're making progress on, I think we'll be revisiting the top ten quite often in the last part of the year."



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