Turkey's sports minister is 'ready to do everything' to keep F1 in Istanbul, the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation has asserted - including 'publicity and promotional campaigns to raise attendance and earnings' in the wake of increased financial demands from Bernie Ecclestone.

The Turkish Grand Prix - popular with drivers and teams but seemingly less so with spectators - has been a fixture on the annual F1 calendar since 2005, but consistently poor crowd numbers allied to an inability to match Formula One Management (FOM) chief executive Ecclestone's rising race-hosting fees saw the event dropped from the 2012 schedule last weekend [see separate story - click here].

Indeed, the low spectator figures are believed to be predominantly the product of excessive ticket prices to recoup Ecclestone's fees. Having traditionally charged Turkey $13 million to stage its grand prix, for 2012, the British billionaire is understood to have asked for $24 million - almost a 100 per cent increase.

Whilst maintaining that Ecclestone's 'demands' are unworkable, the chairman of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) M?mtaz Tahincio?lu - who convened with the country's Youth and Sports Minister Suat K?l?? earlier this week to discuss the matter - has vowed to pursue every available avenue to retain the race and to meet with F1's ringmaster in a last-ditch bid to save the day.

"We are seeking a way to keep F1 in Turkey, and [the sports minister] is ready to do everything for this goal," Tahincio?lu told Anatolia news agency. "We will invite Mr. Ecclestone to Turkey. We want to conclude our negotiations.

"There has been a loss in commercial volume due to the poor interest in the F1 race in Turkey. The fee Mr. Ecclestone demands from Turkey would become reasonable if we could expand this [commercial] volume in his favour. [K?l??] suggested beginning publicity and promotional campaigns to raise attendance and earnings."



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