England's Rugby World Cup preparations are being aided by an unlikely source after the team elected to use technical expertise usually used by McLaren in F1.

England's management team has elected to use McLaren's data analysts to study GPS readings taken from players during training, with sessions then being tailored to get the best from each individual player in the run up to the tournament in New Zealand later this year.

Officials will hope that the tie-up has a similar impact as training routines put in place by former team chief Clive Woodward ahead of the 2003 tournament, which England went on to win.

"If you think back to 2003, the greatest thing that Clive Woodward did was ensuring we were ahead of other people," England centre Mike Tindall revealed to the official website of the 2011 Rubgy World Cup. "Nowadays it's very hard. Everyone has caught up and is at the same level so you really are looking for that half a per cent.

"The physical and conditioning guys are working with McLaren and trying everything they can to get that little bit more data and feedback. If we can continue to do that hopefully we will steal those half per cents.

"We're making sure we hit the ground running and a lot of the training has been more rugby based. In 2003 it was just hit the line - run, run, run.

"It has been a lot different. They are looking at all the data from the GPS and heart rate monitors, trying to predict when people are in a zone to get injuries. They also see when people are working to an optimum level and making sure they don't go over the edge of that."



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