Colin Kolles has likened his fellow F1 team bosses to 'bank clerks', whilst he himself has a reputation as something of 'a madman or a lunatic' - but that is only, he insists, because he has 'balls'.

Kolles has a chequered - and not altogether glittering - history in F1, having acted as team principal at back-of-the-grid outfits Midland/Spyker/Force India and now Hispania Racing (HRT), after being brought into the top flight to take control of Jordan Grand Prix in its dying days back in 2005.

The Romanian-born former dentist is widely-renowned for taking a tough, non-sentimental approach to his work - but if he is regarded as 'crazy' and the paddock's 'hard man' in some quarters, he is adamant that it bothers him not a jot.

"I have balls," the 43-year-old asserted in an interview with "I say and do what I think. Many of these gentlemen are just administrators - they're like bank clerks. That's the difference, and for that, I'm a madman or a lunatic, whatever - but I have a very clear path that I follow. I think I have the respect of Bernie Ecclestone, and he knows how much I respect him. That's what counts."



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