Technical director Geoff Willis has insisted that the HRT team has to improve 'everywhere' if it is to make forward progress in F1.

The team struggled through its debut season last year and again faced a battle to prepare for 2011, failing to qualify for the season opener in Australia after the cars were only finished during the race weekend.

Since then, progress has been made by the Spanish outfit while new owners Thesan Capital are also keen to make strides up the grid.

However, while the introduction of new owners has given the team more confidence in its future plans, Willis insisted there was a lot of work to be done if HRT are to be a success in the sport.

"We have to improve pretty much everywhere," he was quoted by Auto Motor und Sport. "I do not mean to sound negative. The simple fact is that we need more resources. For example, in our aerodynamic programme, we simply need more people. In production we need better quality control and tests. You just cannot afford to be a little bit weak in those areas."

Willis added that the team was working already on its 2012 car but needed more resources to help against a schedule that is already 'very tight'.

"Of course we have already been working since June," he said. "But we do not have the resources that I would like. Many people in the team need to do several things at once."



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