The FIA could decide to ban the use of DRS through the challenge Eau Rouge corner this weekend after concerns about safety at the home of the Belgian Grand Prix.

The corner is seen as one of the most challenging on the F1 calendar as drivers head down the hill from the opening corner at La Source and then head through the sweeping left-right at Eau Rouge before the long run up to Les Combes.

According to the BBC, the governing body is now considering banning the use of DRS through the corner as after concerns were raised about the safety implications of drivers heading into the high-speed section of circuit with their rear wing open.

The FIA faced a similar query ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix when the decision was taken to ban the use of DRS in the tunnel, although it remains to be seen if the system will be banned through Eau Rouge for practice and qualifying at Spa.

The BBC report suggests extra concern has been raised by the fact that drivers have - on occasion this season - gone into corners without realising that the DRS has been deployed and have then been surprised by the change in handling as a result.

Concerns surrounding Eau Rouge were raised last year when onboard footage showed a number of drivers taking one hand off their steering wheels to use the f-duct system that has since been banned.



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