The FIA has confirmed that the usage of the Drag Reduction system through Eau Rouge will be banned during this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix.

After concerns were raised about the safety of drivers using DRS through the high-speed corner, the governing body informed teams this afternoon [Monday] that the system could not be used through that section of circuit.

The main issue was a belief that drivers would use DRS through Eau Rouge to carry extra speed onto the Kemmel Straight but that the extra speed and reduced aerodynamics of having the rear wing open would increase the chance of incidents on track.

Drivers would only have the option of using DRS through Eau Rouge in practice and qualifying, when there are normally no restrictions on its usage.

The actual DRS zone for the race will run from the exit of Blanchimont up to Les Combes.

Spa becomes the second circuit this season to be given restricted DRS usage after the system was also banned in the Monaco tunnel for safety reasons.



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