Tonio Liuzzi says he is keen to commit his future to HRT for the 2012 F1 season because of the potential he sees in the Spanish team for the future.

Having been dropped by Force India, Liuzzi agreed a deal to join the second-year team in order to remain on the grid and has taken a best finish of 13th so far in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Since inking his deal, Liuzzi has seen the team taken over by the Thesan Capital group and with the team eager to make strides forward in the coming seasons, Liuzzi said he was keen to commit to the programme for another year.

"We had some talks, but everybody wanted to be on holiday, not only my side but their side!" he was quoted by ESPNF1 as telling reporters at Spa. "For sure from now on we'll start talking, but I have to say with the team I have a good relationship where I don't face any big issues with them. We have to think about the future and we have to think positive for both sides.

"I said since the beginning that this was an adventure that I took and I was really motivated because I thought there were good points to improve and good people to work with. So I will be happy because I want to see the development for next year, because as I said, Colin Kolles, Geoff Willis, and a lot of people work really hard for this team and I think we can show that we can make big progress. So I am looking forward and I think that there can be a good job made, that's why I will feel happy to stay."

Liuzzi added that the Belgian Grand Prix would kick-start a crucial period for the team as it seeks to beat Lotus and Virgin for tenth in the constructors championship and also starts to prepare for 2012, with Willis having revealed recently that work has already started on next year's chassis.

"At the moment it's a bit mixed because Geoff is fighting between this year's car and next year's car, because for sure we all know that next year is crucial for us to show that we have a huge step forward in terms of lap time," he said. "But we cannot forget this year, there's still eight races to go and we cannot sleep. Virgin for sure is not sleeping as well, so we have to keep them behind in the constructors' championship and get closer to Lotus.

"So it's not an easy time, we do not believe we will have a really steep curve of upgrades but we have something coming for this race, something for Monza, and for sure something has to come for the future races because in this camp there is a lot of work to be done. Geoff just needs to optimise everything and find the time to work on both cars in parallel; 2011 and 2012."



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