Romain Grosjean has said he is delighted he will get the opportunity to work alongside Kimi Raikkonen next year.

Grosjean, who was confirmed today as a Lotus Renault GP driver for 2012 [see separate story - click here], added that he thinks they will make a 'great pair'. He is not worried about going up against the F1 2007 world champion either, and believes it is a plus, much like it was a few years ago, when he was drafted in for the final seven races of F1 2009 as Fernando Alonso's team-mate.

"I'm beginning to get used to having a world champion as team-mate! After Fernando Alonso [in 2009], now it's Kimi Raikkonen. But it's a real stroke of luck as you learn a lot from these people. And as we've got the same car matching their level is proof of the quality of the driver," Grosjean told the official Lotus Renault GP website.

"Kimi is a great driver, he's got nothing to prove anymore and I'm delighted to have the opportunity of working with him.

"I believe that I too can bring something to the team though with my understanding of the Pirelli tyres. He knows the ones in rallying but not those in F1.

"I think we'll make a great pair and that speed will be one of the major pluses for the team."

As for his targets for 2012, Grosjean noted that his main aim is to just enjoy it and appreciate what an extraordinary opportunity he has (again).

"My greatest expectations and ambitions for next year are to enjoy my season. It shouldn't be forgotten that we're living a dream, and just how extraordinary it is to be an F1 driver," confirmed the 2011 GP2 Series champion.

"That's the main idea plus how much I'll enjoy every moment I'm in the car throughout the season.

"Obviously, we're there to score results. My aim will be to always get out of the car with a big smile on my face!"