Genii Capital boss Gerard Lopez has revealed that the company would be interested in a purschase of Group Lotus if the right deal could be done.

Genii owns the Group Lotus-backed Lotus F1 team but rumours persist that the actual car manufacturer could soon be placed up for sale by its Malaysian owners.

While under the ownership of Proton, Group Lotus has launched a number of cars in recent years and expanded its motorsport involvement, with Lopez revealing he might be interested in continuing that work if the car builder was sold on.

"As far as Group Lotus goes, it's a very great brand," he was quoted by ESPNF1. "People have said that if there was a deal to be had then we would be interested, which is wrong. I think if there is a way that we think the company can be bought and run successfully then of course we would be interested.

"We're carrying the brand now on our cars so there is an emotional attachment to it, but there's also a belief that a number of things that they are doing is right in terms of cars. Some things might be better, but overall we would show interest if we believe that there is something good that can be done by acquiring that company."

However, even if Group Lotus was to be sold to another company, Lopez said he would be keen to see the F1 team retain the Lotus name.

"We've tried to separate both issues just in case and essentially the name is something that we want to and we can carry over regardless," he said. "It's an historic brand - we were never going to call it Genii F1 Team or something like that.

"Coming up with a new name was something that we could have done, but being able to associate yourself with an iconic brand is good business practice, it just makes a lot of sense. Hopefully that will continue to be the case, if not it's still a very strong brand to carry on [with]."



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