Former columnist Mark Blundell is expecting Lewis Hamilton to bounce back this year and he has said he sees 'no reason' why the 27-year-old cannot challenge for the drivers' title again.

Hamilton had a pretty miserable 2011, even though he did win three grand's prix, and in the end he finished up fifth in the drivers' championship, outscored and outperformed by his team-mate and fellow countryman, Jenson Button. Indeed while Lewis managed 227 points last season, Button notched up 270 and was runner-up in the drivers' championship to Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

Looking to 2012 though, Blundell told that he still regards the 2008 F1 World Champion as 'one of the best talents sitting in a F1 car'.

"I think he is [capable of putting last year behind]," said Blundell, who raced in F1 with Brabham, Ligier, Tyrrell and McLaren during the early to mid-1990s, taking in over 60 races and claiming three podiums.

"I think Lewis has had one of those years when things have not gone according to plan. He has had to deal with several issues and got to some weekends thinking he had everything behind him, only to have another hurdle to jump over.

"But I think there has been a lot of growing up, I think he has matured, now has an outlook when he understands what is required and has looked across the garage and seen [Jenson] Button, with his infrastructure and his people around him and in place. I still see him as one of the best talents sitting in a F1 car. He is a tremendous driver, so if they can get everything stable for him there is no reason why he cannot vie for another World Championship title again," Blundell concluded.



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