Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber has said he wants to race in Bahrain next weekend, although he concedes the situation out there is 'sensitive' and that some 'massive decisions' have still to be made.

Although F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone reiterated again today that the race in the Gulf State will go ahead and that only the national sporting authority in the Bahrain can ask for it to be withdrawn from the calendar [see separate story - HERE], that has done little to dampen the intense media speculation.

"Clearly there are some massive decisions to be made. Let's hope it goes well," Webber told BBC Sport in China, ahead of this weekend's race at the Shanghai International Circuit, which has been overshadowed by all the talk about Bahrain.

"If we have a choice... I want to race, and I like to go there and do that but you cannot ignore the fact that there are a lot of good people in our sport and all of them have in the back of their minds that we want it to go down smoothly and we don't want to be involved with the situation that's out there.

"There is no beating about the bush, it is sensitive out there. I have tried to watch the news to get the most balanced view that I can possibly get without getting too corrupted by false information. It has been a little quieter, but this is Mark Webber sitting here - I have as much information as anyone else.

"We get lots of view points from there, both sides. I get constantly reminded on Twitter. If there was no social networking, it would be interesting to see what the situation would be. But we can only go on what the FIA are reading into the situation.

"Obviously we are putting an immense amount of trust into the FIA - I'm not talking about the drivers, I'm talking about you guys [the media], photographers, catering everybody going to and from that track each day.

"Competing at that track and having a normal grand prix weekend is what we would all love to see."

Meanwhile, Webber confirmed that his team will take extra precautions and will increase security if the race at the BIC happens.

"I accept not everyone can have that and that doesn't make me feel comfortable," he conceded.

Webber was one of the few drivers on Thursday in the Shanghai paddock that were vocal on Bahrain, and in the official FIA press conference attended by the likes of Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez, Bruno Senna and Paul di Resta, a question about Bahrain and the moral difficulty of going there, went unanswered.

"Some will be outspoken, some won't. Some can be, some can't. We have to look to the FIA," McLaren's Jenson Button added. "Hopefully they know all the facts and will make the right call. We have to stay united. To say the teams can decide is wrong."



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