Force India F1 deputy team principal, Robert Fernley has said there is 'no chance' they won't compete this weekend in Bahrain, despite the fact four team members were caught up in a firebomb incident on Wednesday night.

Although no one was injured, two team members - one involved in the incident - subsequently asked to be allowed to return home [see separate story - HERE], and the squad is now said to have revised its security procedures.

"We just want to make sure the right precautions are being taken," Fernley told in Bahrain. "Up until now we've been quite free with everything, but there are more protests in the next few days, so what we want is for them [team members] to travel as close as possible together.

"We don't want our guys getting in a position or a place where they shouldn't be, so we will also re-route accordingly. For us, it's not about having armed people, we don't have that, but we do have trackers on every vehicle just in case one loses its way.

"We have also decided when we go back at night I will go back to their hotel with the last crew member to make sure they have all returned safely before I go back to mine. Our concern is absolutely making sure they are all okay. It's sensible things, nothing outrageous, untoward or sinister, just being sensible."

"There is no chance whatsoever of us withdrawing," he added. "The main thing is we are quite supportive of making sure this all happens in a proper way.

"Like other teams we've had requests from MPs to withdraw from the race, and I've written back to them.

"We've been quite clear with our programme. The FIA and FOM, who we have contractual obligations with, have said it's safe and correct for us to be here. We've accepted that process. We know there are going to be protests, we know there are going to be elements to it, but to make sure everything is minimised from a team point of view.

"As I've said to MPs, F1 coming to Bahrain, it can be argued it has brought the world press in, it has highlighted some of the issues, and now it is up to them to debate that," he summed-up.



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