Last chance to vote for which F1 team has the best livery for F1 2012 - final day of voting Saturday, August 25

How much do appearances matter to an F1 car? We don't mean the shape of the front wing, that dreadful step in the nose, or holes and slots in the floor that affect the aerodynamics. We're talking about purely the colours the car is painted and the visual design of how they're applied to the bodywork. Something like that can't seriously affect performance one jot, surely?

And yet just look at the way lapped traffic leaps out of the way when they realise a big red Ferrari is bearing down on them, or the way other drivers are instantly on their guard as a Red Bull looms on the horizon. Can it be mere coincidence that the fortunes of Lotus' F1 team surged when they switched from that awful all-yellow eyesore of recent years and adopted instead the iconic JPS design? Maybe their rivals are now too busy admiring the paintwork and cooing over the way the sun sparkles on that black-and-gold bodywork as it flashes past them.

Like it or not, looks are and always have been important in F1 - and we'd like to find out from the readers exactly which car livery is the most successful at getting your pulse racing during an F1 Grand Prix. Is it the glistening silver cousins of McLaren or Mercedes? The fiercely proud national colours of Force India? The understated reserve of Williams or Sauber? The seldom-seen HRT or the often-confused Toro Rosso? The bold red-and-black Marussia or the classic green-and-gold of Caterham?

Here's your opportunity to let us know which of the 12 different car bodywork paint jobs you rate the best, and which ones you don't like at all. To start submitting your ratings, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and you'll have the chance to rate each car in turn out of ten, from 1 meaning 'wouldn't be seen dead driving that' all the way up to 10 for 'even more gorgeous to look at than the grid girls.'

We look forward to seeing what you decide and which car livery comes top in this poll in your estimation. We'll provide a definitive countdown later in the month, based on all the average scores, so remember to check back just before Spa to see whether everyone else agrees with you and whether your favourite does indeed manage to come out on top.



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