Felipe Massa has said that he's not thinking about his future at Ferrari or in F1 right now, and that instead all his energy is directed at getting as many podium finishes as he possibly can before the end of the season.

"For me, the priority is always to try and finish in the top three," said the Brazilian. "The important thing for me is to fight for the podium, even if my team-mate is ahead of me in the classification."

That acknowledges the reality that as far as the team is concerned, Massa's main contribution to their 2012 campaign now is to do everything he can to help Fernando Alonso win the world championship.

"If in a race, Fernando is ahead of me, given his position, I will try and help him," conceded Massa. But he still felt that providing he could get a decent qualifying session and have an incident-free race day, he could still be contending for podium finishes in the remaining races of the season.

"We need to have a clean race so the result can be positive in the end," he told the Associated Press. "Even though the results have not been good, the performances were better."

It's certainly been the worst period of Massa's six year stint at Ferrari in terms of results. But Massa insisted that he's not giving any time to thoughts of what might happen at the end of 2012 when his contract with Ferrari expires.

"At the moment, I am concentrating completely on the upcoming races," he said, while agreeing that contract talks were in the air. "It's being discussed, but there's no hurry to decide, nor to say anything," he said.

"Thanks to a great job from the team, performance has clearly improved and I feel very motivated to do well," he added.

Massa was speaking at the FIA's "Building Road for Safety" event in Sao Paulo on Wednesday, with attendees from the Brazilian government joining Massa, former F1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, FIA President Jean Todt and actress Michelle Yeoh, Ambassador to the Commission for Road Safety.

"My country, like many others, needs an important road safety education programme," Massa told the event. "I am a race driver and a father and I am well aware of the dangers that arise from being distracted at the wheel," he said. . "Safety measures adopted in F1 have made this sport much safer and the same can and must be done on the roads."



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