We were thrilled by the response to the exclusive Crash.net 2012 car livery vote, which saw a mighty 47,000 votes cast in just two weeks.

That means that the title of Best Car Livery is truly a hard-fought, well-earned accolade this year: and the team that can take deserving full pride in their achievement can now be revealed as ...

1st place: Lotus F1 - 8.12 out of 10

Was there really any doubt? Not really, to be honest. Lotus have managed to find the perfect sweet spot between having a really good-looking livery in its own right, while also having the historic links to the 1970s JPS car that makes our spines tingle. It's deservedly Crash.net readers' Best Looking Car of 2012.

2nd place: McLaren - 7.86 out of 10

We expected McLaren to do well in the poll, but quite this well? They even pushed the gorgeous Lotus pretty hard, and have a huge margin over the Italian master of style from Maranello. The shining silver-and-red design seems set to be one of the truly iconic looks of our time.

3rd place: Ferrari - 7.04 out of 10

Only third for the Ferrari? Surely some mistake! Or perhaps a sign that the timeless classic appearance is starting to look just a little tired and past it? Even if that's the case it would take a brave person to tamper with such a proven design, and it still looks great flashing past other cars on the track.

4th place: Red Bull - 6.34 out of 10

It might be a multiple championship-winning car, but it seems that the Red Bull hasn't quite won over our hearts and minds just yet. Is it the ubiquity of Red Bull's marketing in motorsports, or just the fact that the car can look a bit too like a fast-moving advertising hoarding?

5th place: Mercedes - 6.16 out of 10

With their close cousins McLaren coming so high up in this poll, it's only right that Mercedes are in the top six as well. The only question is why the German variety is quite so far off the English one - do red trims really make that much difference? Personally, Crash.net rather likes the minty flavour.

6th place: Caterham - 5.85 out of 10

Hurrah! We're delighted to see one of the backmarker teams have some proper success in the car livery vote, and how fitting that the 'classic' Lotus look should bookend the top six that's headed by the iconic JPS livery. Now if Caterham can just boost their on-track race performance to match ...

You can still read up to see how Williams, Marussia, HRT, Toro Rosso, Sauber and Force India fared in the bottom half of the results.



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