It's only fitting that the end of the European leg of the 2012 F1 season should come with a back-to-back double header at the historic circuits of Spa and Monza, two of the circuits most steeped in F1 history down the years.

While it was great to get back to action after a month-long lay-off in August, the racing got somewhat overshadowed by events off-track - whether it was the fall-out from Lewis Hamilton's ill-advised telemetry tweet, speculation about his move to Mercedes should Michael Schumacher be about to retire for good, or the aftermath of the frightening crash at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix which saw Romain Grosjean handed a one race ban for Monza.

Excitement and controversy there might have been, but it was also hard to ignore the ghosts of history crowding around the two venues. Perhap's that's why this month's has a more nostalgic feel to it than usual, as questions about this year's races rub shoulders with the events of those of years gone by.

Don't worry if the history of F1 isn't one of your strong points: virtually every question still has some link to this year's races and will have been mentioned during the coverage of the Belgian and Italian Grand Prix races, either here on or in the TV and radio broadcast coverage. And never fear, there's still plenty of questions about the events of this year's races too, for those or you with a shorter term view of F1!

As ever, do try and avoid resorting to using the vast resources of Google, Wikipedia or even's own admittedly incomparable news archives while you're going through the quiz, as that way it'll be a lot more fun and satisfying when you let us know how you did by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below once you're done.

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