Christian Horner was delighted with the performance of his team in Saturday's qualifying session for the 2012 F1 Grand Prix of India at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

"A tremendous team performance," said the Red Bull team principal, after Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber took first and second positions on the grid. "Three front rows in the last three races is a personal best for us."

While McLaren hadn't been as far away from the pace of the Red Bulls as many had feared, the reality was that the final part of qualifying boiled down to a duel between the two Red Bull team mates - with both men having a stumble.

"It was very tight between the two drivers in Q3," agreed Horner. "Sebastian made a small mistake on his first run, while Mark delivered a very good first lap.

"Then Sebastian delivered on his second run, while Mark - after being slightly compromised on his out lap - dropped a little bit of time in turn 2 and the lap was gone."

Vettel explained that his early error in Q3 was down to his being over ambitious: "My first attempt in Q3 wasn't great. I was a bit too greedy with braking into turn 4, but after that we had a good second run and it was enough pole."

Webber had it the other way round, and got caught up behind slower traffic on his outlap before his final run at pole, and ended up paying the price for the hold-up.

"I couldn't get the tyre prep right for the second run, but that's how it was," he said, explaining that he locked up into turn 3 as a result of tyres that hadn't got up to their optimum temperature. "It was very, very close with Seb and I, both of us only really had one run in Q3."

Given that last year's Indian GP suggested that the circuit wasn't particularly conducive to overtaking in the race, starting from the front row means that Red Bull have a definite advantage on Sunday. While no one was taking anything for granted, the sense of optimism in the team was evident.

"Pole is the best place to start from, so I'm happy with that," said Vettel. "Obviously I'm very happy to be on pole; it's the best possible position to start ... but there's a hard race coming up tomorrow.

"We've seen a lot of different races this year; some races pretty boring, nothing happened; other races, pretty spectacular from the first to the last lap," he offered. "I think tomorrow is going to be a long race, what sort of race we're going to find out but that's usually the exciting bit and that's why we are looking forward to the race as well."

"We put in a lot of effort to make sure we had a great car to get as high up the grid as possible," added Webber. "Tomorrow should be a good race, I think it will be tighter between all of us, but we should have enough. It's a challenging track with quick chicanes and you need to be very accurate when entering the corners."

Webber added that there was no question of the team asking him to drop into a supporting role to help Vettel secure the championship: "No. My job is the same as it always has been: push to the limit and get the most out of what I have," he said.

"The drivers have done a great job [on Saturday]," said Horner. "[Now] we need to make sure we capitalise on this great performance tomorrow."



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