Bernie Ecclestone has praised the new Circuit of the Americas venue ahead of F1's return to American soil this weekend.

The purpose-built circuit near Austin, developed at considerable cost, will host the first race in the USA since 2007 and has been widely praised by members of the paddock after their arrival.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ecclestone added his name to the list of those to be impressed with the new venue, insisting that he couldn't have asked for more.

"Everything we've asked for they've done and is unbelievable," he said. "They've done a super job, I couldn't ask for anything better. It's absolutely fantastic.

"Everybody seems happy, although I had a complaint about the weather with it not being as hot as they'd hoped, but otherwise everything's good, no complaints."

Having endured a difficult relationship with the USA in the past - not helped by the tyre debacle that affected the 2005 race at Indianapolis - F1 will hope to build bridges at the Texas circuit and Ecclestone admitted there was work to be done.

"America can probably last without Formula One, and Formula One can probably last without America, but it's good we're here," he said. "We need to have ten races like in Europe, same population, same size, but the most we'll ever have is two, maybe three.

"But this should be a success."



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