Sebastian Vettel admitted to a touch of frustration after qualifying, after not being able to match the pace of the two McLarens which means he will start on the second row of the grid for the 2012 F1 Grand Prix of Brazil at Interlagos, alongside his Red Bull Racing team mate Mark Webber.

"It does annoy me - or let's put it better, it doesn't make you happy," the young German said on Saturday in Sao Paulo. But he was quick to make clear that this annoyance was more to do with everyone else's reaction to the 'disappointing' qualifying performance by the world champion.

"I sometimes wonder what people do expect. Everybody should know by now that putting a car constantly on the front row is no bed of roses, he said. "To be anything close to annoyed, discontent or unhappy you would have had to have had the idea of doing much better.

"I think it is always a question of what your expectations are, and we didn't expect too much because we knew that it would be very tight today," he continued. "We have seen that both McLarens were very strong all weekend so far so they did play a certain role in our considerations.

"In Q1 the track was still a bit damp; in Q2 it went pretty well; and in Q3 in the first run it was my mistake going a bit off track," he admitted. "Probably I was a bit too timid and didn't extract the maximum. But overall I would say that P4 is something that we can live with. There are many examples that show that you can win the race starting from there, and that is exactly our plan."

Vettel only needs to finish ahead of Fernando Alonso to clinch his third consecutive FIA world championship. With the Ferrari starting three places back from seventh place it's looking good from Vettel's point of view - a race win would be the icing on the cake, but not the necessity that it is for Alonso. Not that Vettel is willing to accept anything less than a win if he can help it.

"One thing has to be very clear: we didn't come here to be second," he said. "We always aim for the win whether we start from the first row or from P4 or from P10."

Vettel said that wasn't allowing questions about the championship situation or the weather outlook to distract him from his preparations leading into the Grand prix.

"Yes, I am always nervous," he added. "I think you need that certain amount of tension because when you are too relaxed you might get overrun by the ongoing.

"This race is always full of surprises and that anything can happen, so the advice that I would give myself is to be wide awake to be able to react to any condition changes," he summed up.



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