It would appear that the 2013 German Grand Prix could take place at the Nurburgring as originally scheduled, despite the circuit's financial situation.

The policy of alternating the race between the Eifel circuit and Hockenheim, brought about by neither believing that it was capable of paying for the race on an annual basis, scheduled the 2013 event for the former, but its descent into bankruptcy, caused by unpaid rent and the failure of a planned amusement park on site, cast doubts over the viability of the arrangement - and even the grand prix itself.

With Hockenheim questioning whether it could step into the breach, there were suggestions that one of the longest-standing events on the schedule could drop off the calendar, but it now appears that the Nurburgring has found the necessary funds to ensure that it takes place as originally planned.

Despite management at the circuit previously terminating talks with F1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone spokesman Karl-Heinz Steinkuehler insisted to Sport-Bild that 'the F1 world has long known that the [race on] 7 July will run at the N?rburgring'.

The date of the German Grand Prix was changed to make room for a European circuit to host the 20th race of 2013, following the postponement of the scheduled event in New Jersey.



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