British Racing Drivers Club president Derek Warwick insists that work is ongoing to secure additional investment to help improve facilities at Silverstone.

The home of the British Grand Prix has already undergone a transformation in recent seasons thanks to a new circuit layout and the creation of the new Silverstone Wing complex.

Additional improvements to the circuit infrastructure and facilities are also in the pipeline although the BRDC has made no secret of the need to find additional financial backing to allow those changes to take place.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Warwick admitted that talks to find someone who could invest in the circuit were moving slower than hoped but said he was still confident that someone would be found to help the venue move forwards.

"Slowly, it is very disappointing," he replied when quizzed on progress. "But if you want to find a third-party investor, the wrong time to be doing that is now. But now is now and this is what we have to work with. We spent a long time with one investor that we thought was 99 per cent sure and they let us down at the last minute which was disappointing.

"We have started with another one now and we are negotiating with that investor as we speak. We do need an investor, we do need support and we do want to develop Silverstone more. The Wing is a little bit disjointed from the rest of Silverstone and we need to find an investor that will link The Wing into the rest of the circuit, so we are working hard at that, it is not easy and it is a long process.

"But we are positive, we are out there and still working hard - I'm working hard, our board is working hard, our Chairman Stuart Rolt is doing a phenomenal job as are our executive staff."



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