BRDC President Derek Warwick says fans attending the British Grand Prix this season will be in for a better experience after the various issues that beset the 2012 race.

Heavy rain caused havoc with proceedings on the Friday of the race weekend, with fans struggling to get into the circuit and car parks and camp sites being turned into mud baths.

The issues led to fans being asked to stay away for qualifying and saw a number of refunds handed out to fans who had missed out.

Silverstone has already said it is keen to ensure there is no repeat when the 2013 race comes round, and Warwick reiterated that the venue would do all it could to ensure a better experience for those fans visiting the race.

"We obviously knew it was wet, we did our best, but what people need to realise is that a lot of our car parks are in fields," Warwick told Sky Sports. "They have certain planning restrictions which don't allow us just to tarmac everything and we don't have the money of Abu Dhabi and Singapore and all those kinds of places.

"I think we handled it right and stopping people coming on the Saturday allowed us to have a capacity crowd on the Sunday - we had 120,000 people onsite on Sunday. We had a great race and very few complaints and the few complaints we have had, we settled straightaway, we were insured for that so we won't lose money from it.

"We have increased our parking facility, we have improved the camping facilities which let us down a bit last year and we have increased park-and-ride. So we are going to try and take a few more people off-site and bring them in by coaches and that will make a massive difference to the number of cars on-site.

"At the end of the day, there were sporting events all over the country that were cancelled, but we kept ours and still had a great grand prix on the Sunday. So instead of negativity towards us, I would like to see a little bit of positivity because I think we coped really well - we are in a damp area anyway, so we do suffer with the water table and we are going to do the best we can this year."



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