Fancy yourself as a bit of an F1 expert? Never miss a Grand Prix? Wonder why those team principals on the pit wall make it look like such hard work? If only you had a chance to show them how it should be done ...

And now you do! Put all of that well-developed F1 muscle to good use and win yourself some cash in the process. How, you ask? Why, by entering the Fantasy League F1 competition for 2013, we reply!

With just over two weeks to go before the first action in Albert Park, Melbourne, it's the ideal time to get the new competition for the 2013 season underway. It'll tick all those boxes and scratch all your team manager itches, keeping you entertained season-long from first lights-out to the last drop of the chequered flag.

For a mere tenner per team, you get to cast yourself into the role of the ultimate team manager. That's right, just ?10 a team gives you the opportunity to prove that you can outwit the likes of Christian Horner, Stefano Domenicali, Martin Whitmarsh, Ross Brawn et al. Shouldn't be too hard, now, should it?

Picking your fantasy team couldn't be easier: all you have to do is select six drivers and a constructor from the respective lists, ensuring that the total value of your team does not exceed your budget of $100 million as you go. If that's too much strain for a busy mogul as yourself, you can do what some F1 teams seem to do every year and use our Lucky Dip team selector to do all the hard work for you. That will randomly select a valid team, and all you have to do is confirm that you are happy with the selections - or make some fine-tuning adjustments - before submitting your line-up.

Upon registration, you're automatically entered into all of the competitions, where you will compete for the chance to win ?20,000 in prizes - including a first prize of ?5,000 and a runners-up trip to the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix, the undoubted 'jewel' in the F1 crown. There are also ?100 prizes for the winners of each of the 19 races of the season.

Think you can spot the 2013 success stories? Will it be Sebastian Vettel once again or is it Fernando Alonso's turn to claim the title? Will Jenson Button be able to see off a challenge from his brand new young team mate in the shape of Sergio Perez? How will Lewis Hamilton fare at Mercedes? or will there be a major surprise in 2013 from Lotus, Toro Rosso, Force India, Caterham, Williams or one of the other teams?

Still not sure? Not to worry, we're giving you a chance to do some testing and development work beforehand in a two-race Warm-Up Championship covering the Australian and Malaysian GPs to help you find your feet. It's separate from the Main Competition, allowing late-comers the chance to win one of the bigger prizes, but more importantly it also means the early birds get the opportunity to adjust to life as manager of a F1 team with the aid of an unlimited supply of team changes to play with during this period.

The Warm-Up Championship commences with the Australian GP at 06:00 GMT on Sunday, March 17. All scores to date will then be cleared in preparation for the Main Championship, starting with the Chinese GP at 08:00 BST on Sunday, 14 April, from which point on you'll have to make do with just 25 team changes to use for the remainder of the season.

Ready to play? Then don't delay, and get your entry in today!




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