Former F1 racer Jean Alesi has said he feels the current crop of drivers shouldn't complain about the latest Pirelli tyres as they won't prevent the best drivers from emerging on top of the pile.

Questions have been raised about the performance of the 2013 tyres following pre-season testing and the opening two races of the year, with suggestions that Red Bull was seeking a change to the tyres due to the amount of degradation teams were facing.

Speaking ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix however, Alesi - now a brand ambassador for the Italian firm - said he felt Pirelli was simply doing what was asked and said that the cream would always rise to the top regardless.

"The best teams will always be the most successful, so there is no point for anybody to complain because this will always quite rightly be the case, whatever you do with the regulations," he said. "From a tyre point of view, the drivers will have to find the best compromise between performance and degradation, which is exactly the way that it has always been in Formula One.

"I raced through many different tyre regulations and suppliers during my career - even in the era of qualifying tyres - and while they all had different aspects, Pirelli is the company that has supplied the most entertainment to all the fans: so far we have seen two fantastic races.

"This is exactly what was asked, and in my opinion just what the sport needed."


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