Deputy team principal Claire Williams has vowed that the team that carries her father's name will fight back from its troubled start to the 2013 F1 season.

The Grove-based outfit has still to score after five races, with upgrades introduced for the opening European race of the year in Barcelona failing to lift the team into the top ten.

The disappointment of the campaign to date is in stark contrast to twelve months ago, when the team ended its winless streak thanks to Pastor Maldonado's success at Catalunya but Williams insisted that the technical team was working hard to resolve its current issues and return to form.

"It really hurts," she told the official F1 website. "Losing is so painful. We haven't had the start into the season that we had hoped. We thought that we 'd made some progress last year and we are really now evaluating what we have done over the winter that made us step back, because we are not going to step forward if we don't fully understand what went wrong. Otherwise it would just be putting a plaster on a problem.

"When we found out what the problem with the car is after Malaysia we knew that it wasn't going to be fixed quickly. So we didn't have the expectation that once we start the Europe campaign it would be the start of a new beginning. We still have a long road ahead of us to get back into regularly qualifying in Q3 and regularly scoring points.

"Right now we are in the fixing process - but it's not a quick fix, the problem that we have. Time frame? I couldn't tell you and I think it is dangerous to play with expectations. We've got work to do as we know where the problem is."

Williams added that she wouldn't give up until the team was back at the front when quizzed as to what she would consider to be a good year in her new position.

"The budget is always the most important thing - securing more revenue than I did last year," she said. "That is really important to me - getting as much money in for the team as I possibly can. The more money you have the better your race car can be, in effect. Secondly, making sure politically that the team is in the best position. And thirdly - and probably most importantly - results. Being at the top of the grid and fighting for world championships. I'm not going to give up until we're back again."



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