Former F1 racer Mika Salo has sampled a modern rallycross Supercar after joining the Albatec Racing team for a private test at the Premier Park facility in Porvoo.

Salo joinsedteam principal Andy Scott for the test, which saw the Finn get behind the wheel of Scott's 600bhp Peugeot 208.

Salo completed several runs around the challenging purpose-built rallycross course at the Rudus, located 35kms from Helsinki, as the team continued to prepare for the fourth round of the European Rallycross Championship season in Finland this weekend.

"The car looks nice, it's well prepared and I was surprised how easy it is to drive," Salo said. "I took a little bit of time to know the engine, where the power band is to keep the turbo boost up, but that was all. It handles so nicely; it goes exactly where it should, when I want to go left it goes left. But the best part is without doubt the start, it's amazing, it's just really good. The start should be like that in every racing car.

"It's hard to compare F1 to Supercar, they're very different - this car is so easy to control and easy to drive, but it's the same with both, you just need to learn your car and take it to the limit. But this is just so much fun, I can't stop smiling. And you never know maybe I'll be out in a rallycross event this year, you never know."

Team principal Scott meanwhile was impressed with the way Salo had performed in his brief run behind the wheel.

"Mika has been fantastic, he jumped in the car and was completely at home in it on the first lap, he was throwing it round like he'd been driving it all his life," he said. "I think he's enjoyed it. Obviously Mika has a world-class reputation and he's got a passion for fast cars so it was good to hear his opinion after he got out of the car.

"He brought along his young prot?g? Joni Wiman and gave him a run through as a passenger, and we'll be inviting them along to a test with us at a real rallycross circuit."



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