The FIA has confirmed a ban on stepped noses in F1 will come into play from next season.

The design appeared last year as teams tried to work around a change in regulations that required them to run with a lower nose, with a step in place up to the height of the actual chassis.

With the new look proving to be unpopular with fans thanks to the negative impact on the appearance of the cars, a vanity panel was introduced this year to cover the step although it wasn't universally adopted by teams in the paddock.

Now however, changes to the technical rules have been introduced to ensure that teams don't make use of stepped noses from next year and that a 'genuine low nose' is in use on all cars.

"Measures have been put in place to ensure that the cars do not incorporate a step in the chassis behind the nose," a statement from the FIA following the latest meeting of the World Motor Sport Council read. "These changes will also ensure that a genuine low nose, introduced for safety reasons, is always used."

In other changes to the technical regulations, the minimum weight of cars will be increased by 5kg to take into account the fact that the 2014-spec engines are set to be heavier than expected, while teams will be provided with standard side impact structures that will be fitted identically to each car on the grid.

While primarily being adopted to improve safety, the move will also reduce costs as teams will no longer need to develop structures of their own.



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