Michael Schumacher will join a host of former F1 rivals as helmet manufacturer Schuberth does its bit to help victims of flooding in German city Magdeburg.

Just under a month ago, the river Elbe burst its banks, hitting the federal state capital with full force. Breaching flood protection dams, the rising waters forced over 20,000 Magdeburg residents from their homes.

Schuberth was also affected by the flooding, as access roads were made impassable and the company's electricity supply was interrupted, but, recognising the greater need of others, it has reacted positively with the help of some of its biggest ambassadors.

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Nico H?lkenberg and Jules Bianchi all saw pictures of the disaster while at the Canadian Grand Prix, and will each donate a helmet worn during the 2013 F1 season for auction. Schumacher chips in with his lid from the 2012 Singapore GP, and all proceeds will go to the Magdeburg relief fund.

Six parallel auctions are currently open via the 'eBay for charity' auction platform at www.schuberth.com/charity and will continue through to 14 July. All proceeds will be handed to the Lord Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr. Lutz Tr?mper.

"This is a brilliant idea of Schuberth's," Trumper commented, "I would like to thank Schuberth and, of course, also the drivers themselves for their willingness to help the people in our town, who are suffering hardship as a result of this 'flood of the century'.

"It is great to see such popular international sports stars becoming involved. Their example will motivate many other people all over Germany to do something themselves to help put life in our town and in all other affected areas in Germany back on track."



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