The eleven F1 teams will be using their tyres under strict instructions from Pirelli and the FIA at the German Grand Prix in an effort to avoid a repeat of the situation seen at Silverstone last weekend.

The governing body issued a communiqu? ahead of Friday morning practice setting out the pressures and cambers that have to be used during the weekend, even though Pirelli have brought a revised tyre to the Nurburgring following the six blow-outs seen at the British Grand Prix.

"For safety reasons, we have been asked by Pirelli to ensure that the tyres on all cars are run under the conditions listed below," the missive read, "It will be the responsibility of each team to satisfy the FIA technical delegate that their cars comply with the following requirements at all times:

1) Minimum starting pressure front and rear: 16psi.
2) Minimum stabilised running pressure front: 20psi.
3) Minimum stabilised running pressure rear: 19psi.
4) Maximum negative EOS camber front: 4.0?.
5) Maximum negative EOS camber rear: 2.5?.
6) Front and rear tyres must be used on the side of the car for which they were originally designated (no swapping from side to side).
7) The blankets strategies set out in 13R09NUR Preview V3 must be observed."

Pirelli has always maintained that its tyres were safe, and found various things to blame for the dramatic incidents at Silverstone, but is clearly taking no chances at the Nurburgring, despite several teams believing that the different characteristics of the German circuit would not put the same stresses on the rubber as last weekend.

The rear tyres for the German Grand Prix will feature the Kevlar band initially proposed after the race in Barcelona. A planned introduction in Canada was vetoed by several teams who felt that the change would shift the balance of power - in terms of tyre management at least - to their rivals, but they have now been forced into accepting the move on the grounds of safety after the FIA granted Pirelli free rein to alter tyre specifications without the unanimous consent of the teams.


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