Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn admits that Sauber's current financial situation 'isn't ideal' but has insisted the Swiss outfit will rebound from its current problems.

Speculation suggesting that the team had hit cashflow problems emerged over the course of the past week, with reports that suppliers had gone unpaid and that lead driver Nico Hulkenberg had also gone without his wages.

Speaking prior to the German weekend, Hulkenberg told reporters he was confident that the situation would be resolved soon by team bosses, and Kaltenborn insisted there was light at the end of the tunnel.

"We have very openly said we are going through a difficult time but we are confident we will be out of it soon," she told ESPN. "That's it, there is nothing more to say. Clearly when you have limited resources you cannot develop as much as you want to and that's it.

"It's never ideal, but I don't think we are jeopardising next season."

The introduction of new engine regulations for next year has left teams facing larger bills for their powerplants for next year, and Kaltenborn added that - with that in mind - it was important for teams to try and stick together to ensure the future of the smaller outfits on the grid.

"We all endorsed these changes and what we should really do is not wait until it is too late for some teams," she said. "In many situations we always wait for something to happen and then react, but in this case there are so many teams struggling that I think we should really do something about it before anything happens. We shouldn't always wait for the big bang."

Team owner Peter Sauber meanwhile said he found the current situation to be 'embarrassing' as the team waits to find a solution - with a new deal reported to be in the pipeline that would resolve the current problems.

"It is very difficult at the moment," he told Sportpanorama. "Our resources are very limited and the situation is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

"It is affecting not only the development of the car, but also the suppliers.

"For the large part, we are being met with understanding, but it is very stressful for us and in many regards painful."


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