FIA president Jean Todt could face a challenge when he goes for re-election at the end of this year, after David Ward - formerly an adviser to Todt's predecessor, Max Mosley - confirmed he is considering putting his name forward.

"This is not what I intended nor what I wanted, but I am certainly thinking about [standing against Todt] because it is important to have a debate," Ward told British newspaper, The Times.

"You can only have a debate if there is a choice of candidates and there is no debate if there is no choice."

Ward, the director general of the FIA Foundation, is unlikely to make a final decision until September.

"It is understood that Ward's potential candidacy was leaked to see what kind of a response it would produce among members," reports British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.

Todt himself meanwhile has yet to confirm if he himself will go for a second term, although it is expected he will. He was elected at the end of 2009, comfortably beating Ari Vatanen, by claiming the majority of the 221 votes cast, with 135 backing the former Ferrari team boss.