The long-awaited movie account of the 1976 F1 season, Rush, gets its first 'public' airing in London's famous Leicester Square tonight (2 September).

While several other 'exclusive' showings are planned around the country ahead of the film's official release on 13 September, the London premiere will attract the greatest attention and the biggest names.

The film, directed by Apollo 13 creator Ron Howard, retells the story of the epic battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda which culminated on a torrid day at Fuji. Focusing on the different lives of the two protagonists, the film has also been praised for the realism it brings to the on-track action, helped in equal part by special effects and the efforts of the historic F1 community.

Touring car ace Rob Austin not only drove in the movie, but also helped source many of the cars that made the grid an accurate reproduction of its 1976 counterpart. While the Briton will enjoy his own moment in the spotlight at an advance showing in Evesham's Regal cinema on Saturday (7 September), his 1976 Surtees - which has its own part in the movie - will no doubt take centre stage on the night, having squared up to Hunt's McLaren and Lauda's Ferrari on screen.

The movie's stars, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl, both went to extra lengths to ensure that the realism carried over into the cockpit, as the following clip shows:



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