Britain's Jenson Button looks set to ink a new deal with McLaren before the month is out.

According to reports by British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, McLaren will take up its option on the Englishman for F1 2014 'within weeks'.

However, in addition to getting a one-year extension, Button is also keen to stay in 2015 too, when Honda will come on board as McLaren's new engine partner.

"I know that Red Bull have had a great run but it will end," Button said in the countdown to this Sunday's Italian Grand Prix at Monza, the final European race of the F1 2013 season.

"There is so much change [next year] in the sport in terms of engines and cars. I think when you are at a top team, any of the top three or four teams, it is better to stay put, especially for me because I really do feel happy here."

"From the outside you think McLaren is very regimented, and there is no heart and no soul. But when you're actually in the team you realise that it's the complete opposite," he added.

"They are very passionate people. When you have a bad season like this, that is when it really comes out. It either breaks you or it makes you stronger as a team. I definitely feel we are not broken."

Indeed, Button believes McLaren will bounce back in 2014: "You have three teams - Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes - who are still fighting for the championship [at the moment] and they are going to push right the way to the end of the season. Whereas for us, we are concentrating more on next year's car. So we are limiting how much we can move forward this season," he continued.

"But I want to succeed next year. I don't want to wait another few years. I think we do have the right people on board.

"We can win the championship next year with Mercedes-Benz. It is still a very good partnership with them. And it would be nice to go out on a high. And then 2015 [when Honda arrive] is a very exciting challenge for the whole team."



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