Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali admits that it is crucial for the team to have its own wind tunnel back in action as work continues ahead of the 2014 F1 season.

Ferrari was forced to use Toyota'a facility in Cologne to work on development of its current car after issues arose with its own wind tunnel in Maranello, forcing the team to shut it down in order to fix correlation problems that meant it was providing inaccurate data.

While work has already started on the 2014 car, Ferrari will soon to be able to work in its own wind tunnel which is due to re-open next month, and Domenicali said it was critical for the team as it worked towards next year.

"It's crucial for us," he told Sky Sports. "For two years, maybe more, we had correlation problems with small models, so we are really looking forward to opening up again. That will be a massive tool to use.

"It's like playing basketball with one hand behind. You do it for training but when you play, it's better to use two hands."

Domenicali also reiterated that most of Ferrari's focus was now on its 2014 car, with only a small team still looking at upgrades for the current machine.

"There is still one group of people that are working on the last things that are almost ready," he said. "Most of the troops are already oriented to the new project. I believe honestly that all the others are doing the same.

"You will see the project that comes out next year and realise that if you lose more time, it will be very difficult to recover."



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