Sky Sports News F1 analyst Tony Jardine reckons the order could be really 'topsy-turvy' next season and that the new regulations will shake-up the status quo.

Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel have established them firmly at the head of the pack in recent years, and currently look odds on to again do the double, by winning both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships for the fourth year in succession.

However with the current 2.4 litre V8s set to be phased out and replaced by 1.6 litre turbo-charged power-plants in 2014, the other teams may have a golden opportunity to strike back.

"Yeah, absolutely," Jardine told, when asked if the new rules could mix things up. "I think it is a matter of who gets it right in terms of the packaging and the aerodynamics, which will be totally different around the turbo-charged engines.

"We are hearing stories of who is ahead of the game in engine development and who isn't. It seems like Mercedes are quite well advanced. It seems from press reports that Ferrari are not so well advanced with their turbo-charged engine. But that is very, very hard to say. Who has got the technology? Renault, for example, could be looking very good.

"What we do know is that the engines are very, very expensive indeed. Of course it is the right way to go - environmentally and for it to have direct relevance to the automotive industry and motoring. But it is a complete sea change - and so, you could find the order really topsy-turvy," he added.

Meanwhile, another big change next season will be at Ferrari, with Kimi Raikkonen set to partner Fernando Alonso, and Jardine foresees a lot of potential problems for the Scuderia.

"I expect fireworks, that is if McLaren don't get their claws into Fernando - although that is probably going to be difficult as I think contractually he is locked down. But, I said on Sky Sports, in my role as their F1 guy, I don't think Ferrari is equipped to run two equal number ones," continued Jardine during an interview at Rallyday 2013, where he was in attendance with Olympic skeleton Gold Medallist Amy Williams MBE, as they gear up to compete on Wales Rally GB in November, the final round in the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship.

"McLaren and Williams have tried for years and years [to run two numbers ones] and it is a real tough act to pull off and when you have got someone as political as Alonso, when he starts to get upset it doesn't work. He is a [Michael] Schumacher. He has the team built around him and that is how he works, that is how he likes to operate. But in terms of this one, if Alonso has to go with it, which I am sure he will, I think it is going to be very, very difficult.

"When Alonso gets political he misses lots of things and he gets distracted. There are all sorts of things to look out for."

"The Alonso-Lewis Hamilton partnership in 2007 is a classic example [of when it doesn't work having two number ones]," Jardine added. "Alonso always says that he was promised various things by Ron Dennis, which didn't happen.

"But the fact of the matter was, he was rattled by a young driver, who came in and started winning and really put him off his stroke. That is the Alonso that none of us like, when you see him being political and you see him manoeuvring off-track. The complete Alonso is the fantastic racing driver that we all love, battling through with a recalcitrant Ferrari from twelfth on the grid or the third row, but still getting up and onto the podium - just a marvellous driver. I think it is a shame.

"But we all know Kimi won't care. All the politics will go over his head. He will just get on with the job and he will be a thorn in Alonso's side..."



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