Pirelli has announced its tyre selections for the final three rounds in the 2013 F1 World Championship.

The Italian company will take the soft and medium compound tyres to Abu Dhabi at the start of November - the same as will be utilised in India later this month, while the medium and hard compounds tyres will be used in both the USA and in Brazil. The medium and hard tyres have also been nominated for this weekend's race in Japan.

A statement from Pirelli explained:

"In Abu Dhabi, the White medium and Yellow soft compounds have been selected. The combination of the medium and soft tyres are best suited to the varied characteristics of the Abu Dhabi track, which being a twilight race starts in the late afternoon with falling temperatures towards the end of the grand prix.

"For the United States Grand Prix, Pirelli will bring the Orange hard and White medium compounds. The hard and medium compounds are the best choice to respond to the challenges of this fast track, which puts high-energy loads through the tyres due to varying elevations that alternate high speeds with some slower and more technical sections.

"In Brazil, the Orange hard and White medium compounds will be used [again]. Interlagos is a demanding track with high-speed corners and significant elevation changes, so the hard and medium compounds are the best choice for this last race of the 2013 season."



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