The F1 world championship's transition from Europe to Asia was night and day - literally, as we left the sunshine of the European summer and arrived under the floodlights in Singapore for the first of a run of races on the other side of the world.

And the change of locale has certainly kicked Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull into top gear, with a run of dominating performances that ranks with their very best in the sport and which puts them both tantalisingly close to securing both the drivers and constructors championship titles.

Vettel's secured all three wins in this current leg of the season, with a crushing display at Singapore, a somewhat closer affair in Korea, and then finally a genuinely impressive fightback from initial adversity in Japan that looked early on as though it might put an end to his run of consecutive race victories.'s latest quiz marking the Asian Triple celebrates Vettel's success, but you'll be relieved to know that it takes a much wider and deeper look at events than just who won the three Grands Prix! From fires to penalties, and from storms to collisions, and from laps led to laps changed, we think we've got a well-rounded test for you this month which will appeal both to the relatively new and inexperienced fans as much as it will to the old, grizzled veterans who think that they have seen everything at least twice before!

We've packed a surprising amount of trivia (past, present and even future) into the October quiz which covers the three most events in the space of just ten easy-to-complete, hard-to-get-everything-right questions. You'll find the first of them waiting for you by CLICKING HERE to go to the latest all-new quiz reviewing Singapore, Korea and China.

As always, it's much more fun and infinitely more satisfying if you try it first time round without help, so try and avoid looking up the answers in Google, Wikipedia or's own extensive news archives, at least for your initial attempt. That way you'll have a clean conscience when you 'Have your Say' by adding a comment below to let us all know how you fared.

Ready to get underway? Lined up on the grid? Engines revving? Then it's time for drivers, start your engines and to get on with the quiz. Good luck, and have fun!



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