Legendary commentator Murray Walker has said he feels that Sebastian Vettel has already done enough to be classes as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

The German is odds-on to take his fourth successive title this season having just failed to wrap up the title last time out in Japan.

Despite still being just 26-years-old, Vettel already sits fourth on the all-time winners list and could equal Michael Schumacher's record for wins in a season if he emerges victorious from the final four races of the year - a run which would also see him equal the record for most consecutive wins.

The German has been booed by fans on a number of occasions this season and Walker said he felt such actions were unfair on a driver showing his talent on track.

"Oh I feel sorry for Vettel," he told the Times. "He's not getting the credit he deserves on account that he is in the best car. The less intelligent observers say anyone could do it in that car, but Mark Webber has not and he's very good.

"Vettel's one of the greatest of all time."

Part of the reason why some fans have turned on Vettel is the way in which he went against his team in Malaysia earlier in the year, but Walker said such ruthlessness was a sign of a champion.

"I thought that was extremely bad form but understandable," he said. "It's one thing to adopt an attitude of right and wrong when watching TV, but another when you're sitting in a car with adrenalin pouring out of you by the bucketful.

"The real superstars have a ruthlessness that leads them to do things that ordinary people do not approve of."



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