Nigel Mansell has said the weight limits being proposed for next season are 'disgraceful' and discriminate against the medium-sized large driver.

The minimum weight has been increased for F1 2014 to take into account the introduction of the new 1.6-litre turbo-charged engines. However, the engines are heavier than initially thought, and this means bigger drivers will be at a disadvantage.

"It's disgraceful, it's discrimination against the medium-sized large driver," said the 1992 F1 World Champion in an interview with the BBC. "It is wrong. Let's have a weight limit that is sensible. They are not jockeys.

"In years gone by, we didn't have traction control or power steering - you had to be a strong driver and there were a lot of strong drivers. If you had this weight limit, they wouldn't have been able to drive the cars many years ago - or they would have driven with great difficulty.

"So I think get the weight limit up a bit, make it fairer and make some cars carry some ballast so that the bigger drivers don't suffer as much."

"When I was racing against Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and all the rest," he added, "I went out of the pit lane 50 pounds heavier and they had half a second per lap in their pocket before we had even started the race - it is wrong."

Mansell's comments follow recent calls to increase the minimum 690kg weight for 2014, with McLaren's Jenson Button suggesting that an additional 10kg could help bigger drivers remain 'viable'.



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