FIA presidential candidate David Ward believes the FIA is failing to meet good governance standards required by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Ward has released a comparison of IOC and FIA governance practices which, he maintains, contradicts Jean Todt's claim that the FIA's recent membership of the IOC means that it can 'now boast the highest standards of governance'.

"Ward's comparative analysis shows that the FIA's election processes, its ethics committee, and its financial reporting fail to match good governance principles and practices of the IOC," read a statement to the press.

Ward is also calling on the FIA to appoint an independent panel of three recognised sports governance experts to compare the Federation's current governance practices with the IOC and similar bodies such as the Federation Internationale de Motocylisme (FIM) and make recommendations for further reform.

In a letter to the FIA membership Ward explained that a comparative report would provide a neutral and objective study for the clubs to discuss.

"Hopefully," he said, "this will bring about much needed reforms so that the FIA can finally claim truthfully that it meets world class standards of governance".

The full letter sent by Ward to the FIA membership can be read HERE.



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