Lotus is closing on its investment agreement with Quantum Motorsports according to team owner Gerard Lopez, in a move that would allow the team to finalise its driver plans for the 2014 F1 season.

The team has been working to conclude the deal for a number of months, with Quantum - initially known as Infinity Racing before changing its name to avoid any confusion with Red Bull Racing's title sponsor - set to take a 35 per cent stake in the team.

The delay in concluding a deal has already been a factor in Kimi Raikkonen's decision to leave and return to Ferrari for 2014, but Lopez said he was confident that everything would soon fall into place to conclude the deal.

"We have preliminary agreements with the company we want to partner with, and we're just waiting for this to be concluded," he said. "This is a very detailed process. The history is that we decided to offer a minority stake to an investor. We consider this approach as the best way forwards, just like any other Formula 1 Team. Deals like this do not move at the speed we're used to in Formula 1 and we're hopeful that we'll conclude it in the near future.

"With our current performance on track and the fact that there are very few Formula 1 teams that can offer an investment opportunity like we do we are constantly being contacted by interested parties, but for now we are pursuing our preferred option."

Lopez added that the changes that have been made behind the scenes only served to make the team more attractive to potential investors.

"The approach we've had to making strategic investments in the factory and ensuring we have a strong driver line-up has increased the value of the team, which makes the proposition even more interesting for people who may want to join us in this adventure," he said. "As far as we're concerned, there's an underlying strategy which has increased the financial value, but watching the team fight for podiums every weekend has also increased the emotional value too. It's a fantastic journey every day."



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